Things to Do in Gilbert

Things to Do in Gilbert

Located southeast of Phoenix, Gilbert, Arizona, is a family-friendly town loaded with attractions, outdoor destinations, dining, and shopping. Residents love its friendly atmosphere and charming Heritage District, where locals can find unique boutiques and restaurants catering to the region’s foodies.

With a robust job market and high quality of life, it’s easy to understand why this Arizona town’s population has grown to nearly 300,000. Anyone looking to relocate within the Phoenix area should give Gilbert strong consideration. Below you can learn more about the best things to do in Gilbert.

Free attractions in Gilbert

You won’t need to spend any money to visit loads of attractions in Gilbert. Head to the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch for hiking, biking, bird watching, and more. Established in 1999, this nature preserve covers 110 acres and spotlights some of the area’s best desert fauna and plant life. As a result, the area also is a destination for 300 different types of birds. Take a free bird walk led by a local Audubon group, or ride your bike along 4.5 miles of trails to soak in the vegetation and scenic Sonoran landscape.

Fit in a game of pickleball, America’s fastest-growing sport, at Gilbert Regional Park. You can even wait until the sun goes down and play a game with cooler temperatures since the courts’ nets are lit. If you own a dog, Cosmo Dog Park is the place to go. Get to know your neighbors while giving your dog some much-needed socialization and exercise time. Even better, your furry friends can cool off in the park’s lake while you relax in the shade and enjoy the fresh air and people-watching.

Family-friendly things to do in Gilbert

Visit the Gilbert Farmers Market when you want the best local produce and products in a vibrant setting. Local honey, farm-fresh eggs, handmade pastries, and tamales are among the tasty treats you can stumble onto while wandering past the vendor tents on a Saturday morning. Open year-round, the Gilbert Farmers Market expanded a few years ago to provide more games and seating for families. Visit their website HERE for more info.

You also can head to Gilbert’s urban agricultural haven known as Agritopia Farm. Here you can pick your own peaches in May, take a walk through the farm grounds, purchase organic produce, and dine in one of the farm’s restaurants. Other excellent places to visit with your family include the Gilbert Historical Museum, Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory, and Hale Centre Theatre.

Gilbert nightlife

When the sun goes down, Gilbert comes alive with energy. Locals agree that the nightlife of Gilbert’s Heritage District is one of the community’s best attractions. You will be treated to excellent cuisine at any of the 30 restaurants in the area. Find restaurants specializing in locally-sourced entrees, speakeasies that harken back to the prohibition era, and cafes serving inventive takes on classic meals.

Sushi, Mexican soul food, street tacos, old-fashioned ice cream, and regional favorites are in ample supply along the bustling Heritage District streets. Whether you’re seeking a casual place to meet up for wings and drinks or an elegant space to celebrate a milestone with loved ones, you will find it in Gilbert.

Shopping in Gilbert

When you need to go shopping, Gilbert gives its residents access to plenty of specialty boutiques and traditional big box stores. Look no further than SanTan Village when you get the urge to restock your closet. This outdoor shopping village counts retailers like Lululemon, Janela Bay, and Banana Republic among its vendors. You also will find salons, kitchen stores, a movie theater, and top restaurants tucked along the walkways.

Outdoor recreation in Gilbert

Visit San Tan Mountain Regional Park for a sprawling collection of trails that will never grow old. The park sits right next to Gilbert, making it easy to experience the serenity of the Sonoran Desert. The park spans 10,000 acres, offering hikers expansive views of cacti, ravines, and water features. Elevations approach 2,500 for hikers eager for a more strenuous route, but there are plenty of flatter pathways, as well. Within the park, try the Goldmine Trail, one of Gilbert’s most popular trails. The trail covers nearly five miles and hits an elevation of 2,300 feet, so expect to earn those scenic views at the top of the mountain.

Parks in Gilbert

With its collection of athletic fields, skate parks, picnic areas, and an amphitheater, Gilbert’s Freestone District Park is one of the town’s highlights. The park spans 88 acres and combines a mix of activities to suit any family. Reserve a pavilion for a family reunion, or bring your fishing gear for a day of relaxation at the park’s pond.

As another option, check out Discovery District Park. Though smaller in scale, visitors love the natural features and convenience of downtown Gilbert. Families can take on the climbing rock or play a game of soccer as the sun goes down at one of the three illuminated multi-use fields. A butterfly garden and trails make this park an excellent place to escape without traveling far.

Find fun activities in Gilbert

Living in Gilbert means you always will have something to do. As a flourishing community in the Phoenix area, Gilbert is adding new venues, eateries, and natural spaces to keep its residents happy. Its natural surroundings, which include the San Tan Mountains and Goldmine Mountain, ensure that residents can explore the terrain as often as they want. Not surprisingly, investing in Gilbert real estate is a wise decision as the Sunbelt region continues to grow.

To make your home in Gilbert, you will want to connect with a real estate team that understands the area. The Rider Elite Team knows Gilbert well and can help you hone in on the ideal property. Even if you have not determined exactly what you want, reach out to us so we can answer your questions and help you find the perfect home in Gilbert.

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