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Buying A Home

So you think you’re finally ready to buy real estate, but you’re asking yourself “What do I need to buy a house?”  Buying a house is a major stepping-stone in life, and is not a thing that you should take lightly. It is important to clearly understand all of the steps and weigh every decision carefully.  But don’t worry! If done right, the home-buying process can be a smooth experience, if you know what to expect. If you aren’t sure how to buy a house, we are going to go over the steps to buying a house, to help you prepare.


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From scoping out the perfect properties to show you, to skillfully negotiating the contract in your favor, our team can direct you to the top lending products and will go above and beyond what the typical agent will do. Our unique contingency and trade-in programs work to your advantage if you are looking for your new dream build but need to sell your existing home first. And in challenging and changing markets, that’s where our team really shines! For more than 35 years, hundreds of clients have relied on the experience and expertise of The Rider Elite Team to help them successfully meet their real estate goals and find the perfect solution. We buy and sell multiple homes every week, regardless of industry conditions. Through these years of experience, we have learned how to adjust to market shifts and still meet your goals.


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Buy with Cash

Did you know cash offers are three times more likely to beat financed offers? With just a few simple steps, you can strengthen your offer and increase your bargaining power by purchasing with cash, too. First, Homeward will approve you for a specific amount of cash so you can be ready to make an offer on your dream home. Then, your we will put in the cash offer on the home, winning the home for you and your family. Next, youll take care of a few tasks like paying your earnest money deposit and signing mortgage disclosure statements. Now youre ready to move into your home, renting it from Homeward until youre ready to buy it back. Once your mortgage is secured, youll use those funds to buy back the home from Homeward.

Work With Us

If you are a new home buyer, we know how to help you find that special place. If you are a seasoned buyer or seller and are looking for a new or second home, we have a few tricks we can show you. If you're selling your house, we'll get you the best price we possibly can.