Scottsdale Named No. 1 Fastest-Growing Startup City in the Country

Scottsdale Named No. 1 Fastest-Growing Startup City in the Country

*article courtesy of AZ BigMedia
Scottsdale is officially a hot startup market (for the second time in a row). It’s ranked No. 1 in the latest Fastest-Growing Startup Cities report from York IE, up from the No. 10 spot in the third quarter.

Some key Scottsdale startup takeaways for the fourth quarter of 2021

  • $552,323,216 in funding raised total in Scottsdale
  • 12 rounds raised in Scottsdale
  • 496% growth for Scottsdale over the previous quarter
  • Top 3 funding rounds in Scottsdale:
Paradox: $200 million (Series C)
Lessen: $170 million (Series B)
Stoa DBA FlipOS: $136 million (Series B)
  • Across the U.S., startups received $78.5 billion in funding

Overall outlook

There’s never been more capital available to entrepreneurs.
U.S. startups received $78.5 billion in funding in Q4 2021, and they don’t even have to be based in Silicon Valley or other major technology hubs to take advantage.
That’s why we publish the York IE Fastest-Growing Startup Cities report.

Fastest-Growing Startup Cities

The report highlights these 10 U.S. cities where startup business is booming:
  1.  Scottsdale, Arizona
  2.  Miami, Florida
  3.  Waltham, Massachusetts
  4.  Cincinnati, Ohio
  5.  Buffalo, New York
  6.  Tampa, Florida
  7.  Dallas, Texas
  8.  Los Angeles, California
  9.  San Jose, California
  10.  Ann Arbor, Michigan
Scottsdale, for example, experienced huge growth thanks to three nine-figure funding rounds: a $200 million Series C by AI-based recruiting startup Paradox, a $170 million Series B by property management platform Lessen and a $136 million Series B by real estate flipping platform Stoa DBA FlipOS.

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