Hottest Architectural Styles in North Phoenix

Hottest Architectural Styles in North Phoenix

Set against the stunning backdrop of mountain peaks, such as Moon Hill and Piestewa Peak to the north all the way to Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley, lie some of the most beautiful areas of North Phoenix. The district offers some of the most iconic sunrise and sunset views available in the region, and it's also renowned as a fitness lover's dream.

The Phoenix Mountains Preserve is home to various hiking trails, with more than a few offering a challenging workout. Other paths are barrier-free and, along with local parks, are wonderful for families who want to spend an afternoon together enjoying the outdoors. North Phoenix is home to over a dozen golf courses and interesting museums, such as the Earth and Space Expedition Center, the Heard Museum, and the Phoenix Art Museum. The city of Phoenix itself offers a plethora of great restaurants, athletic and cultural events, and family-friendly entertainment.

As one might expect, the houses in this locale are stunning, although some may be surprised at the wide variety of architectural styles throughout the various neighborhoods. Thanks to the warm, sunny weather the Southwest enjoys throughout the year, the one common thread that most properties feature is an outdoor courtyard complete with a refreshing pool. Beyond this one common feature, anyone considering a move to North Phoenix can find just about any architectural style they desire.

Mid-century modern

Considering that Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the premier designers of the mid-century modern architectural style, built a summer residence just outside of Scottsdale, it's not surprising that this modern design can be seen throughout the neighborhoods of North Phoenix. With their clean lines and futuristic-looking slanted roofs, mid-century modern houses look perfectly at home surrounded by native palm trees, cacti, and desert landscaping. The open floor plans associated with this kind of design, so trendsetting for its time, also made their way to the outside of these incredible abodes in the form of spacious, clean-cut patios and large pools, made for relaxing.

Where to find

North Central Phoenix is a location well known for this iconic architectural brand. The Arizona Biltmore Resort, also in North Phoenix, is another structure that attributes its impressive design to Frank Lloyd Wright.

Contemporary style

Since the area quickly became a hotspot for sun worshipers during the 20th century, it should come as no surprise that North Phoenix also embraced the contemporary architectural design along with the mid-century modern style. Somewhat similar to mid-century modern houses, contemporary abodes are known for their minimalist, clean, and stark lines. These types of structures incorporate large amounts of glass, steel, and wood. They also typically adhere to a neutral palette, giving the houses' exterior and interior spaces a cohesive look that's very soothing to the eyes. With their flat roofs and cool white exteriors, contemporary homes look as serene on the outside as they do in their interior living quarters.

Where to find

You can find examples of contemporary architecture throughout the entire North Phoenix area. More specifically, the suburb of Paradise Valley is known for its contemporary homes, as is Scottsdale, a popular suburb northeast of Phoenix.

Pueblo Revival

Another famous style throughout North Phoenix is Pueblo Revival. With its flat roof and adobe exterior, Pueblo Revival represents a classic regional style of architecture that became prominent around the turn of the 20th century. People who love structures drawn from a region's native surroundings are naturally drawn to these houses. The interiors include the generous use of wood and other natural-looking elements, such as baked tile and neutral colors on stucco walls. The exteriors of Pueblo Revival homes are well known for their rounded features and square windows.

Where to find

You often find these memorable residences in the historic districts of Encanto-Palmcroft, Coronado, and Arcadia, all just north of Phoenix. Authentic Pueblo Revival homes are also scattered throughout North Phoenix.

Spanish Revival

Spanish Revival, also known as the Hacienda style, is another iconic architectural type throughout the Southwest. Along with clay and stucco exteriors, other notable features include the generous use of wrought-iron and pottery tile materials on external components and stained wooden beams and doors for the interior spaces. Tiled roofs and arched entryways are additional hallmarks of this amazing structure. The natural stucco and clay materials look right at home among the other natural desert features of the local landscape.

Where to find

You can find Hacienda-style houses throughout North Phoenix and in the suburb of Scottsdale.

Spanish Mission

Both authentic and newly built homes are available in this classic style. This type of architecture originated in nearby California around the turn of the 20th century, then spread throughout the Southwest. Spanish mission structures are similar to the Spanish Revival style, with tiled roofs and adobe walls. However, the hallmark of a Spanish mission abode is its vague similarity in appearance to historic missionary churches that scatter the region. With its arched windows and doorways, stately Baroque rooflines, and lovely enclosed courtyards, Spanish Revival is a reminder of the bygone Spanish influence once so prevalent throughout the region.

Where to find

The northern portion of Scottsdale is an excellent place for finding Spanish mission residences, along with the historic neighborhoods of Roosevelt and Francis Quarles Story, just north of downtown Phoenix.

Tuscan style

Interestingly, even this iconic Italian architecture made its way to the southwestern portion of the United States. Buildings in this style are a beautiful blend of Italian stone archways and walkways with classic desert elements, such as terracotta tile roofs and warm neutral or terracotta-colored exteriors. As they gaze upon these beautiful structures, passersby will likely feel they're walking through a slice of Italian countryside.

Where to find

The northern suburb of Scottsdale and the mountainous areas north of Phoenix are home to many Tuscan-style residences.

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