5 Reasons to Move to Phoenix

5 Reasons to Move to Phoenix

Life is different all over the world. Billions of people meander throughout life every day, completely oblivious of others barely 100 miles away from them, and less conscious of those thousands of miles away or even halfway across this planet we call home. You can never hope to see everything the world has to offer: from the numerous languages (and dialects), foods, regions, ideologies, and cities. Yet there is hope in the fact that you can fully immerse yourself in the places that you do visit.
When you come here, you may be wondering just what is the best place to live in Arizona? Where should you stay, where should you avoid? Should you put some roots down here, or look elsewhere? A great place to look is Phoenix! The current population of Phoenix is over 1.6 million—three times the population of Sacramento, California—and has so much to offer!
Let’s look at all of the things you can immerse yourself in when you visit Phoenix, Arizona, what to expect when moving to Phoenix, and answer this question: “Just what can you do here?”

1. Phoenix has a Low Cost of Living

The average monthly cost of living for one person in the United States is around $5,000 (not including mortgage and rent). In Phoenix, the average cost of living for the same person is only $3,100, nearly half! There are many reasons for this difference, chief among them: low taxes for the state! Arizona’s annual tax burden is two-thirds that of states like Hawaii and New York, and 20% lower than the tax burden of Vermont, Maine, and Connecticut. Also, property taxes are lower, with Arizona having about half the Property tax rate of New Hampshire (the highest rate in the Union). Less income and property taxes make Arizona a great place for retirees and anyone who wants to keep more of their own money in their pocket. 
Another reason for the low cost of living is the lower-cost real estate market! The average home value in Arizona is $284,000. For reference, Hawaii and California have the highest averages—around $600,000—and Arizona lies around 16 states behind them, landing around states like Montana, Virginia, and Florida in average home value. While not absurdly low like in West Virginia or Mississippi, it is still lower-than-median, and that’s great! Being around $284,000 lets buyers know that, while homes are easier to buy—and will have lower mortgage payments—the value is very much there if you ever want to sell the home.

2. The Phoenix Job Market is on the Rise

While COVID-19 may have knocked out the job market in other cities and states, Phoenix (and all of Arizona) are on the rise in 2021. Arizona has the 7th-most increased job market in the United States, following behind Texas and Florida, while states like New York and Pennsylvania are lagging far behind. The average pay in the city sits around $54,000, annually. Comparing that number to the low cost of living leaves the average person with $17,000 to spend on leisure or to throw in savings!
What jobs are in demand right now in Arizona? Mining and oil extraction are lucrative fields needing more laborers, and healthcare is growing as well. In any healthily-growing state, construction grows, as more people move to the state and more jobs are open. Obviously, HVAC work is always lucrative in the desert heat of Arizona. Manufacturing is on the rise in Phoenix, and various niche industries like wholesale trade and waste services are also in a state of major growth. If you are searching for a good job, and don’t mind relocating to Phoenix, then you might consider the growing job market to find where you fit in!

3. Phoenix is the Sunniest City in the United States

Many would be tempted to ask, “What desert is in Arizona?” but a better question would be “What desert is Arizona in?” The Sonoran Desert takes up over half of the state, a good portion of Southern California, Baja California, and Sonora, Mexico, stretching almost 100,000 square miles! Because of this desert, Phoenix, Arizona receives nearly 330 days of straight sunshine, crushing any Floridian or Californian city’s claim to sunshine.
If you hate driving in the rain, you are in luck! The annual average amount of rain in the state is 8 inches, which occurs about three times a year during monsoons here. Snow is practically nonexistent and has only fallen eight times since 1898.
Another interesting facet of Phoenix weather is the haboob (the Arabic word for “wind”). Haboobs are dust storms caused by the powerful updrafts of wind caused by the seasonal monsoons and thunderstorms in the area, buffeting and blanketing the area with a thick wall of dust. They can be extremely dangerous and expansive, lasting almost three hours, so if you hear one in the forecast, be prepared.

4. Phoenix Has Plenty of Things to Do

Like many large cities, Phoenix has plenty of things to do for people of all tastes and desires.
Animal lovers can find themselves strolling in the Phoenix Zoo. If you come to the zoo in the morning or evening—avoiding the mid-day heat—you will see a park teeming with exotic animals and wildlife. The Zoo has plenty of attractions for visitors of all ages and persuasions, cafes, snack bars, gardens, hidden trails, and tucked-away gems that the observant visitor can enjoy. The goal of the zoo is to encourage people to have more care for nature, and the zoo displays the benefits of such caution well.
The largest art museum in the southwestern United States is the Phoenix Art Museum. For over 60 years, the museum has provided an array of famous and fabulous works of art from all over the world—from Asia to Europe and North American to the tip of Chile. Instead of focusing on just Modern or Renaissance art, the museum has it all, and truthfully, anyone who enjoys the arts can find something to feast their eyes upon, there. All year long the museum hosts lectures, programs, tours, and other special events to involve the community and get people excited about the works of art within its halls.
Festivals are also common in Phoenix, Arizona. The McDowell Mountain Music Festival is a non-profit music festival that simply celebrates music, in all of its forms. Each year, thousands of people flock to the festival to partake in the festivities that it brings. Every Spring, Phoenix hosts the Phoenix Film Festival, which praises horror, sci-fi, indie, and fantastic moves of the past and present. When attending the film festival, you will be hard-pressed to find something you don’t like!

5. Phoenix Has Plenty of Things for Sports & Outdoors Lovers

No matter what your poison, if you are an outdoorsy person, you will be spoiled for choice in Arizona. For the sports-lover, Phoenix provides the Arizona Cardinals, Coyotes, Diamondbacks, and the Phoenix Suns. Watch great football, hockey, baseball, and basketball, while supporting a local team!
For the hardcore outdoors person, Phoenix does not disappoint. The South Mountain Trails are great ones to try. The South Mountain Preserve is home to 99 fantastic trails, where you can ride bikes, hike, drive, camp, and so much more. You can bird-watch, enjoy the local fauna, and gaze up at the stars at night in the crystal-clear desert sky. Camelback Mountain is a more difficult hike for more experienced hikers, but the hike will reward you with a stunning view of the Greater Phoenix area, a vast stretch of land nearly the size of Delaware!
In Phoenix, golf lovers aren’t left wanting, either! The golf courses here are the epitome of quality and skill. So many courses were designed by masterful creators like Jack Nicklaus and Tom Fazio. Veterans to the sport and new players will be delighted by the impressive—and overwhelming—choices that you have in the Phoenix Area.

Final Thoughts

Phoenix truly has something for everyone. No matter who you are or where you come from, the city has something that you will find enrapturing or enjoyable. Despite the heat, living here is a true joy that cannot be fully explained in words. People here are so friendly, in fact, that Scottsdale—one of the cities in the Phoenix area—was voted the tenth most friendly city in the world! Locals here look out for each other and do favors for each other. If you are considering moving or visiting some new place, immerse yourself in the Phoenix area and you won’t be disappointed.

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